Re-elect Judge Jeff Davis

Proven Commitment to Justice

Judge Jeff Davis for Wisconsin Court of Appeals

Experience you can count on

With over 30 years of legal experience, Judge Jeff Davis has a track record that the Wisconsin Court of Appeals needs and he's proven it during his time on the bench. Judge Davis does not take his work as an appellate judge lightly. It is with great honor and integrity that Judge Davis serves the citizens of District II of the Court of Appeals and the state.

Meet Jeff Davis

Your support makes all the difference

I work hard every day to serve the great state of Wisconsin and its people. It's my sincere desire to continue my work as an appellate judge, but I am going to need your help. Find out how you can support the campaign.

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I have over three decades of real world, practical experiences that I bring to the job. I commit to continue providing practical, real world guidance.
Independence is the bedrock of our legal system and without it our system fails. I pledge to continue to apply the law fairly and impartially.
Hard Work
Doing the job right means making sure each case receives a thorough analysis and diligent review of the record and the law. I will continue to bring my passion for the law to work every day.